Secure payment

Our secure payment offer

After choosing your type of credit card, you will be connected to our secure payment server. You will then only need to enter your card number, expiration date, and visual cryptogram.

The payment is fully secure thanks to the online payment system of our partner Payline. Your banking information only circulates on the Internet in an encrypted form, meaning that it is coded in a way that makes it completely illegible. Additionally, your information is only processed by the bank and is never in possession of Domaine de la Viti de Beaune. In fact, when you enter your card number to make purchases on our website, you are actually transmitting them to Payline.

The security system is based on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

Our payment interface uses 3D Secure technology. This is a system developed to authenticate credit card holders and thus prevent any fraudulent use of these cards. In addition to the number, expiration date, and cryptogram, with the 3D Secure system, the cardholder must authenticate on an interface of their bank to which they are automatically redirected, by entering a code or personal information that their bank will have previously transmitted to them. Once authenticated, the cardholder will see their transaction authorized or declined by their bank.